TreeTag Installation


TreeTag can be installed from Google Play, here.

Alternatively an APK file (treetag_x.x.x.apk) is provided that can be downloaded to an Android device and run.


Extract the files from the archive (treetag_x.x.x.tar.gz) into a user-owned directory. You need to have at least 2GB of disk space available for the automated build. Then change to the TreeTag directory in a terminal, and run the following commands:

    $ sudo ./ depends
    $ ./ build
    $ sudo ./ install

The first command automatically installs dependencies using the apt-get, dnf or pacman native packaging system. If desired, you can manually install the dependencies in the Requirements section and skip this line.

The second line (build) downloads Flutter and builds TreeTag.

The third line (install) copies the necessary files into directories under /opt. After this step, the temporary TreeTag build directory can be deleted.


The simplest approach is to download the "" file and extract all of its contents into an empty directory. Then run the "treetag.exe" file.

To compile TreeTag from source, install the TreeTag source from GitHub. Also install Flutter based on the instructions here. The Android Setup is not required - just the Linux setup from the bottom of the page.